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Bonus Wager Requirements

by +Loke Hansen

Know What You Get Into, With Bonus Wager Requirements!

If you have had the pleasure of gambling at land based online casinos, then you probably haven't been met by casino personel at the entrance that offer to double or even tripple your money.

You have probably never been told that you can't leave the casino with your money, unless you bet the amount of chips you get 50 times...

But this is exactly how things are with online casinos and bonus promotions, and if you accept the bonus cash with blue eyes, you are very likely to loose all your money, every time!

Don't get me wrong, casino bonuses are amazing - but you need to know what you are getting into!

Bonus and Wager Requirements #1 - How are you restricted

The first thing you need to look at, before accepting any type of casino bonus promotion, is how the promotion restrict you.
Almost every bonus come with a wager requirement attached, this is a number of times you MUST wager the bonus and your deposited amount, before you can withdraw - ANYTHING!

If for instance you deposit €100.00 and get a €100.00 bonus, your casino balance become €200.00.
A typical wager restricting for such a casino bonus with European Online Casinos is 35X - this means that you must wager €200.00, 35 times before you can withdraw at the casino.

So, you deposit €100.00, have €200.00 and need to place bets with a total of €7,000.00 before you can withdraw anything!

In most cases, you will be limited by a casino promotion the way it clearly states, but there are some exceptions, and this is where things get really tricky!

Most European players have no additional restrictions as Playtech and Microgaming online casinos.
Most Amaricans have no additional restrictions at Real Time Gaming online casinos.

Players from other parts of the world are very likely to have additional bonus restrictions, and in order to find out if such restrictions apply yo you, you need to read the online casino terms of service, or contact the casino support.

Bonus and Wager Requirements #2 - Strategies that beat wager requirements!

I have written in several other strategies that More Strategy = More Fun, and this applies to gambling with casino bonus amounts as well.

As soon as you know how you are restricted by casino bonus promotions, you can develop simple strategies with this in mind.

As always, it is important to remember that gambling is luck more than anything, and that the wager requirements are designed specifically to beat strategies and make you loose!

The most common strategy with casino bonus promotions is to bet higher, win higher and complete the wager requirements faster. In my oppinion this is a quite loose strategy, even though I often do this as well.

If you deposit $100.00, get a $100.00 casino bonus and need to wager $7,000.00 before you can withdraw, playing $1.00 spins on a slot machine probably won't get you very far.

Wager requirements are designed to slowly but surely eat your casino chips, so if you want to have fun with it, and walk away with a profit, you need to go with your guts on higher bets or strategize for playing for a really long time.

Regular casino players know that you win some and you loose some, you just can't win every single time, and this is where bonuses become really interesting.

If you have $100.00 to spend, you can deposit $50.00 instead of $100.00, play with the same amount, but bet much higher.
You are likely to loose your money very fast, but you could also land a few decent spins, and win enough to complete the $3,500 wager requirement and be in a nice profit.

Casino bonus cash is ideal for progressive players, players that go for the extremely rare but huge prizes. The chance of winning such a prize is extremely low, so having more money give you extra chances. And if you do win the $1,000,000.00 jackpot, wagering a little extra is no problem at all.

Casino bonus cash is also great for "bonus farmers", players that deposit less, play high stakes, and win or loose quite fast. The internet if filled with online casinos offering bonuses, so finding another bonus if you loose is more than easy.

Unless your aiming for progressive casino games, casino bonuses are likely to run your fun!

Bonus and Wager Requirements #3 - The Cash Coctail

One of the things that were few people realize is, that you are more than welcome to deposit more money, after accepting a casino bonus. This means that you can mix your casino balance pretty much the way you like it, and get more chips and less wager requirements.

This is easier with larger gambling budgets, but it is doable with almost all gambling budgets.

Here is an example
You deposit $25.00 and get a $25.00 bonus.
Your $50.00 balance now has a $1,750.00 wager requirement attached.
You deposit $200.00 more.
Your $250.00 balance now has a $1,750.00 wager requirement attached.

In the example above, you "only" gained a $25.00 casino bonus, but wagering $1,750.00 with a $250.00 casino balance is more than doable. You can customize your "restrictions" as the example above, to make the bonus restrictions as small as possible compared to your gambling budget.

This will give you enough to bet just a little higher, or play a little longer, without restricting you noticeably. is part of the SecretCasinoClub network.
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